Like The Celestine Prophecy on crack. So amazing.


A highly readable and  entertaining book to begin a journey beyond the five ordinary senses.  Efficiently written. Plenty of ponder-able ideas. This was the best book  I read in 1994, other than scriptures, of course! If you're feeling  lazy you can watch the 2006 movie version.. it's good, but nothing like  reading the book.   


Changed my life when I read it in my twenties and enjoyed a second reread.   


Don't remember how I  came across this book but remember I read it at a troubling time in my  life and the book provided me with great comfort. I passed the book  along to several friends and family and they all found this book  transformational. A simple tale but loaded with powerful life lessons.   


I heard this book was  good from many people, so I was a little wary in reading it. I don't  often like the pop-hits. However, this book was really good. I enjoyed  it thoroughly. It reminded me of "Ishmael" in its writing style, but  it's a different story. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who  enjoys literature about life and living.  


I read this book in  1999 after a traumatic brain injury left me hopeless and depressed.  Perhaps my brain was at just the right stage of healing or perhaps I'd  always been waiting to read these messages -- but it really did change  my life forever.  

The Story Begins


Peaceful Warrior Trilogy

Way of the Peaceful Warrior was just the beginning. Since Dan Millman's first literary adventure hit the shelves it has been translated into 20+ languages, a feature film and two additional novels that today round out this trilogy. Be sure to follow Dan's ongoing journey in: Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior and Dan's latest title, The Hidden School

We look forward to meeting you on the Peaceful Warrior's journey to the stage. Thank you for joining us. 


My Drive Home

Returning home from an aikido seminar here in Southern California, my mind returned to this classic title that I first admired shortly after stepping onto the mat. Since that very early read my career as a director in theatre and film has grown yet I have always dreamed of imagining Dan's classic characters off of the page.

Today, many months after that vision, I am thrilled to have this opportunity to share Dan's story with the world in a future production imagined specifically for the stage. I am incredibly grateful. Thank you.

- Todd



Last year Broadway had its most profitable year yet.  In fact, the entertainment trade paper 

Recent Broadway grosses are up 22% from this time last year which saw $1.65 Billion at the box office. Most recent information: LINK

We look forward to adding to this growing popularity of the Broadway stage!