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Bringing "Socrates" to a New Generation

Interested in joining what is sure to become a phenomenon? Thrilled with the fact that Dan and Socrates will be inspiring a whole new generation of eager audiences hungry to understand the secrets behind being a peaceful warriors? Fantastic! Our success will thrive as the team continues to grow. Send us an email via the "Contact" page and someone will get back with you shortly. 

Los Angeles & New York

Adaptation is underway. More to come...

"Broadway Hits Yield Huge Returns for Investors" - CNN

Broadway  shows are celebrated for their glitz and glamour. But they would never  get to opening night without rich investors willing to bet on the next  big hit.

The difficult task of financing a  Broadway production starts about a year before the premiere. Shows cost  millions to produce, and four out of five lose money. But if the production is a smash hit, investors stand to earn truckloads of cash. 

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Why Invest In Theatre?

First and foremost, you are passionate about Way of the Peaceful Warrior, mentoring, self empowerment and happiness. You care about the arts and you love the theatre. Investing in many creative endeavors can be risky but highly rewarding and fun. Here are a few links that shed light into this subject. 

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Billboard Magazine - "Who's Making Millions"


First published in 1980, WAY OF THE PEACEFUL WARRIOR has gone on to amass millions of fans around the globe, has been translated into over 20 languages worldwide, was adapted into a feature film in 2006 and is the cornerstone to the PEACEFUL WARRIOR series and companion books. In June of 2017, THE HIDDEN SCHOOL, the conclusion to the PEACEFUL WARRIOR trilogy, hit the bookshelves and is sure to gain instant fame. 

This musical adaptation is proud to be a part of the Peaceful Warrior wonderful legacy.